Changchun Third Party Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

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All the goods are priced in RMB. We will inform you by mail or telephone of any changes in price.


Goods available in stock will be delivered within a working day. As to those special orders which need immediate delivery, delivery by person in Changchun will end by 16:00, and express delivery will end by 16:00. clock.PM.

After-sale service

Changchun Third Party Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (the seller) will be responsible to the original purchaser,and ensure the qualities and quantities of all the products listed in thecatalogue consistent with those in sales orders. Any products inconsistent inquantity and quality will be replaced freely or refunded, if the buyer deliversthem back within 15 days after the seller’s verification within inspectionperiod.

Servicequality complaints

If you are dissatisfied with our service, product quality, or have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact the generalmanager of Three States.

The Email is